Hi there! I am Ashwin Srihari.

Currently a Product Manager at Teladoc.

Apps Published


Create beautiful cover art for your playlists.



Product Manager

I worked on creating a next-generation virtual-care platform for healthcare providers. My team designed our product around a provider-centric approach that helped us build a powerful, yet easy-to-use application.

Currently, I am on a mission to reduce physician burnout caused due to poorly-designed medical software, by crafting a delightful experience for all physicians, including those in the frontlines battling COVID-19.


Product Strategy Consultant

I helped identified the go-to-market and product strategy based on market requirements for Katerra smart buildings. My detailed research and data analysis helped financially model the return on investment for smart buildings.

I also designed my rendition of the user interaction for Katerra smart apartments, as a part of overall product strategy.

Piramal Foundation

Product Design Consultant

I worked with cross-functional teams on a career management platform to expand accessibility of Piramal Foundation’s career services.

Sign In and Activity

Multiple rounds of user testing, resulted in an intuitive and minimal log in screen.

The home screen shows the recent activity by the employees and the organization.

Support Request

Users can raise a support request
and specify the details.

Provides a hassle-free user experience
with real-time status updates.

Gandhi Fellowship

A two year program which helps talented young people develop the leadership skills essential to cause positive change in the society. 

During my tenure in the fellowship, I was in charge of improving the education standards in 4 government schools in remote villages of northern India. I worked with peers from various academic backgrounds and different parts of India to concieve and implement practical impovements to create better learning environment. We trained headmasters (twice our age!) to develop their leadership competence, worked with teachers to improve their pedagogical skills and also designed activity-based classroom interventions for children (half our age). We were successful because we learned how to communicate with diverse stakeholders - teachers, headmaster at government schools and families in rural communities. Through this I gained meaningful insights on how to effectively lead and motivate people to reach a shared vision.

Government School Library Project

We found schools in rural areas are often resource constrained in terms of staff, books, and other monetory aspects. Students were limited to only a cupboard of books, which were poorly maintained. This made it harder for students to build healthy reading habits, that in turn build language and other cognitive skills.

When I discovered an underutilized storage room, I proposed and implemented a Creativity Room that students were allowed to access anytime, and had the responsibility to maintain it through a democratized system.

This promoted regular reading among students and became a space for students to express their creativity through stories, poems, drawing, and painting. This led to an increase in the language test score from 24 to 57 on a scale of 100.

Project Kaleidoscope

Building on the success of the Creativity Room, the next year in Taranagar, Rajasthan, I led a pilot project to transform classrooms in 10 government school into smart classrooms.

Working closely with teachers we launched a crowd-funding campaign to buy digital tools for the classroom. Of course, the first priority was computer literacy for both teachers and students.

Classes became instantly more engaging, by identifying existing educational content online for teachers to integrate into their lessons.


Rosanne Siino - Former VP of Netscape

"Ashwin is an extremely bright, socially-conscious technologist"

Trip Hawkins - Founder of Electronic Arts (EA)

"Ashwin is a strategic and creative thinker with a good feel for design."


Master of Technology Management

University of California, Santa Barbara

2018 - 2019

Bachelor of Automobile Engineering

Anna University, India

2012 - 2016





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